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IBEX Sourcing

With more than 34 years of combined experience in the market, we help you by creating and coordinating your supply chain development strategies via the introduction of our commercial partners in low-cost countries, aimed at strengthening your position in the market by reducing your hand-labor and direct material costs while holding to your quality standards.

We service the Mining, Agricultural, Automotive, Appliance, Energy, Aerospace, Crane, Cement and Waste Management Industry.

We offer services that are end to end, we help you develop the right partners in low-cost countries and ensure the implementation of a matured supply line for your manufacturing needs.

Our experience will define the right sourcing strategy for your supply needs, producing a faster development and implementation of your projects and goals.

IBEX is your cost savings partner.

Services we offer:

Strategy development

• Assess and understand your current business
• Brainstorm scenarios to meet your goals
• Generate a roadmap for the successful development of your business goals

Supplier Sourcing

• Supplier Identification (Long list to Short list)
• Due Diligence “NDA”
• Technical Abilities (RFI)

Supplier vetting

• Financial Background Check
• Legal Issues

Market Cost Evaluation

• Tender RFP
• Technical Review (if needed)

Contract Implementation

• Price and Commercial Terms Negotiation
• Contract Development

Prototype Product Development

• SOP Development
• Quality Inspections
• First Article Inspection (PPAP)

Post Contract Service Options

• Weekly follow up on open P.O.s
• Track Shipments to ensure timely delivery
• Address Quality and or Delivery Issues
• Freight and customs

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